HAIX Fire Hunter Xtreme


  • Unique sole is self-cleaning, fire resistant nitrile rubber compound which is fuel, oil, and skid resistant, non-marking, high voltage resistant.
  • Special Ladder edge tread at arch region, reduces slippage on ladder
  • Pivot point at ball of foot.
  • Sole that can be resoled with the manufacturer’s original materials
  • Stainless steel plate offers great puncture resistance
  • MSL Micro Soft Light Polyurethane foam is injected into the midsole to optimize the shock absorption and insulate against high and cold temps.

Insole: can be washed in warm water and air dried.

  • Tested to stringent scrubbing standards.
  • Grey insoles provide a nice finish for the footbed. Blue insoles that are slightly
  • Thicker provides additional cushion. Both styles can be ordered separately and both are washable and tested for scrubbing strength and durability.

Patented HAIX Ankle Flex System:

  • More Flexibility around the ankle
  • Greater freedom of movement – especially for engineers/drivers
  • Ankle support when running and jumping – front, back and sides of ankle

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