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Pro-Tech 8 Titan


Pro-Tech 8 Titan is the latest structural firefighting glove from TechTrade. The Titan model picks up where the original Pro-Tech 8 left off and offers enhanced protection, abrasion resistance and durability without sacrificing the superior the dexterity, comfort and fit that Pro-Tech 8 users demand.

Our gloves use the highest quality components including DuPont Kevlar® and Nomex® and water repellent leather. The multi-layer design allows incredibly soft and comfortable break in with thermal protection that actually increases after washing, as proven during our lab certification testing; also while drying quickly and soft. The inner liner component is 100% knitted Nomex® and cannot be simply pulled apart like the inexpensive non-woven SEF used in many of our competitors’ top line gloves.

Pro-Tech 8 Titan’s unique knuckle guard system enhances protection where needed which most structural firefighting gloves completely ignore.

The Pro-Tech 8 Titan Long Cuff wristlet style features a Kevlar® elastic cuff band which prevents debris from entering and eliminates glove slip off. The wristlet section is actually an extension of the actual glove construction providing the same maximum thermal protection found elsewhere in the glove. You no longer need to put up with annoying outdated knit wristlets that lose their elasticity and provide a significantly reduced level of thermal protection.

The glove is certified as compliant to the NFPA 1971 Standard — 2007 Edition — on Protective Ensemble for Structural Firefighting; certifying agent Safety Equipment Institute, Virginia.

Design and Features

  • Pro-Tech 8 Titan’s advanced multi-layered design uses technologically superior light weight components that provide repetitive thermal protection and cut resistance.
  • The unique glove design constructed of 5 varying layers and intricate stitching results in an extremely light weight structural firefighting glove with superior dexterity, comfort, fit and grip.
  • Made of a five-fingered, winged thumb structure.
  • The back side of the glove features a knuckle guard system with 2 layers of waterproof Silicon Carbide fused to 2 layers of 100% Kevlar® providing enhanced thermal protection and cut resistance at the vulnerable knuckle compression point; a well-known firefighting hazard.
  • Unique stitching down of the outer palm layer prevents bunching up of material and provides the most efficient grip.
  • Gathered stitching is used around the entire wrist for a secure fit and reduces debris from entering the glove.
  • The Long Cuff “wristlet” style has a 100% Kevlar® wrapped elastic band inside the cuff for extra secure fit and prevention against fire ground debris entering specifically for use with turnout gear that does not have thumb wristlets or long wristlets.
  • The glove inner liner is sewn in at each fingertip for maximum retention and efficient wet don and doff.
  • A leather hang-up loop is provided on the glove inside for easy drying and storage.
  • Unique stitching down of outer palm layer prevents bunching up of material and provides the most efficient grip.

Materials & Layering

  • The palm side outermost layer is water repellent suede goat skin tanned and designed to resist cracking, peeling, and stiffening while also providing a sure grip when wet.
  • The ring and middle finger’s suede are cut and sewn independently for enhanced dexterity.
  • Underneath the suede there is a full layer of blended 64% Kevlar® / 36% Nomex® and two partial layers of 100% Nomex® that run from mid-palm to the cuff edge.
  • The inner liner on the palm side is another full layer of 100% Nomex®.
  • The back side of the outer layer is mostly water repellent goat skin leather which covers the finger tip area, a 1″ wide suede welt along the finger crotch and from the knuckle guard to the cuff edge.
  • Underneath the leather portions on the glove back side are a full layer of 100% Kevlar® and another full layer of 100% Nomex®.
  • The inner liner on the back side is another layer of 100% Nomex®.
  • The knuckle guard portion has an outer layer of 100% Kevlar®, one layer of 100% Nomex® and two layers of silicon carbide both fused with 100% Kevlar®, another layer of 100% Kevlar® and another layer of 100% Nomex® which represents the inner liner. This unique layered system provides repetitive thermal protection at the vulnerable knuckle compression point.
  • The finger side walls are comprised of an outer layer 64%Kevlar® / 36% Nomex®, and two underneath layers of 100% Nomex®.
  • The gloves inner layers are fully lined with a double layer of breathable polymer moisture barrier completely sealed in the finger and sidewall area to prevent liquid penetration.
  • The glove inner cuff construction is supported by 1 1/2 inch wide leather welting. Identical welting is used additionally within the inner layers of the cuff construction, all to prevent moisture wicking and to enhance support and durability.
  • 100% Kevlar® high burst thread and 100% Kevlar® edge piping is used throughout the gloves.

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